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In Crimea, "Gazeta по-Ukrayinski" correspondent's car tires slashed

15.03.2014, 23:49

On March 5, in Crimea near Yevpatoria the tires on the car of the "Gazeta по-Ukrayinski" correspondent Anton Holoborodko were slashed. This happened after he, together with his colleagues, decided to follow the Russian military, who started moving from the previously blocked Ukrainian base in Novokozyrivka in the west of Crimea. They followed the column of 4 trucks. When they almost reached Yevpatoria, the column stopped, the armed men came out of the trucks, approached the journalists' car and under the threat of using their assault rifles ordered them out. The gunmen examined the journalists' ID and told them to go in a different direction.  When the journalists refused they received a warning that this may end badly for them, and one of the gunmen slashed their tires. Then the gunmen left. Ukrainian military brought the journalists spare tires. 

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