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In Crimea, "1+1" journalists were taken hostage and threatened with bodily harm

11.03.2014, 18:44

On March 4, when entering Crimea the "1+1" journalists were detained by armed men in camouflage, who took away their cameras и and threatened bodily harm. The young men with no insignia stopped the TV channel's filming crew with no explanations and introduced themselves as Berkut fighters Cuban Kazaks. Unidentified men took the journalists hostage and told them they would use them as a human shield, were the checkpoint attacked. After a long negotiation, they let the "1+1" filming crew go, but still would not let them go to Crimea. The journalists also informed that at the vehicular entrance to the Crimean peninsula in Chongar there is a checkpoint with a dozen of armed military persons. They stop all cars with no explanations and search them. 

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