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In Chutovo, police took journalist’s ID and threatened to nail it to his forehead

13.05.2014, 12:28

On April 12, police offciers were impeding the work of the journalist with Obozrevatel and, Rodion Shovkoshytnyi in the village of Chutovo on the border of Poltavska and Kharkivska oblasts.

The journalist arrived to the location to verify the reports about the road police detaining people who go to Kharkiv. The police officer (or so he looked, although this man had no shoulder marks) was rude to him, tried to shoo him away and instead of introduction and explanation insulted and threatened him. One more man, whose uniform looked like the uniform of special police unit “Sokil”, supported the first one and when the journalist showed his press ID, said “I will nail it to you forehead, go away now!”.

   The situation was settled by the deputy from “Svoboda” Yuriy Bublyk who called the journalist and explained the situation on the site.

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