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In Chernivtsi, journalist was forbidden to film and forced out of bank

05.04.2015, 00:45

The journalist of the web portal Halyna Yeremitsa was chased out of Chernivtsi branch of the bank «Finansy ta Kredyt,» when she was trying to film a conflict situation that erupted between clients and the branch management. This was reported on the portal’s website.

In the bank office, there were some deceived clients and a bank security guard was in the same room. When the branch manager Ivan Budey came in, Ruslan Melnyk started to ask questions about failed payments and Yeremitsa began filming. Budey saw the camera and refused to talk and told the guard to escort the journalist out. The guard followed his order literally and pulled the journalist by her nape outside of the office. The journalist still had the camera on and recorded the entire incident. Yeremitsa failed a complaint on obstruction with the local police.  

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