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In Chernihivska oblast, during elections to territorial community, observer prohibited journalist from filming

29.05.2017, 22:29

On April 30, in the town of Mena, Chernihivska oblast, during the elections to the consolidated territorial community, an official observer from one of the political forces obstructed a journalist from the website “Chernihivskyi Monitor” Yuriy Papernyi, registered at the electoral district. Yuriy Papernyi reported this to the IMI representative in Chernihivska oblast.

According to Papernyi, the conflict emerged because the official observer at the electoral district demanded that the journalist register, although he had already done it. The observer refused to introduce himself and tried to stop the journalist from taking pictures. Numerous other journalists and other observers at the district saw this.

During the incident, a police officer on duty at the district was summoned immediately but the so-called observer fled on a car. The police is currently inspecting the case and has identified the observer who was obstructing the journalist.

For the context, on 30 April in 19 oblasts of Ukraine elections of head of 47 consolidated territorial communities were held. 

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