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In Chernihiv, ex-police officer smashed camera of filming crew of TV channel "Dytynets" and pushed journalist

09.08.2014, 01:40

in Chernihiv, the filming crew of the local TV channel “Dytynets” was filming a news story about a young man taken hostage, when an ex-police officer, involved in the story, smashed their camera and pushed the crew’s journalist Alina Korzhynska. This was reported in the story by the TV channel “Dytynets”.

The journalists went to find out why the owner of an apartment kept her tenant, Volodymyr Korkh, hostage when he told her he found another apartment. The owner’s husband, an ex-police officer, was beating and intimidating the man. When the police came they only took the complaint from the apartment owner, which claimed that Korkh broke into the apartment. When the journalists arrived on site, the apartment the young men rented, the owner’s husband grabbed the journalist Alina Koezhynska’s hand and pushed her, and went on to smash the camera. The apartment owner threatened to file a complaint to the police because the journalists were trespassing by filming someone’s private property.

Local police began an investiagion of the incident, but at the TV company, if there is no progress with the case they indent to engage the prosecutor’s office. 

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