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IMI website blocked in russia

18.04.2022, 11:57

The website of "Institure of Mass Information" CO has been banned in russia by the Procecutor General's office.

This is stated in the banned websites register.

According to the register, the decision has been approved on April 12 and the first block occurred on April 17.

According to the "Roskomsvoboda" project, rf has also banned access to the websites of the "Human Rights Watch" organization and some Ukrainian media:, “Apostrof”, “Censor”, “Hromadske radio”, “”, “Segodnia”, MigNews, etc. 

The rf's Procecutor General's office banned 24 websites in total, including IMI, adding the link to the article "on civillian evacuation issues and the actions of the russian army during the 'special military operation'" to the register.

Since the ban is carried out through HTTPS, many russian operators lose access to the website altogether, "Roskomsvoboda" states.

"These and other news websites were added to the register by the 'mask,' so the access restriction affects all their domains and subdomains," the project noted.

As IMI has reported, in January 2021 the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor), in accordance with the Prosecutor Genreal's demand, blocked access to the Institute of Mass Information's website on the russian federation's territory because of a news report that allegedly contained "calls for mass disruptions and extremist actions." The report in question dates back to August 18, 2016: "Russia blocks Hromadske TV interview with a 'Hizb-ut-Tahrir' representative."

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