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IMI research: Obozrevatel and have the largest share of news with violations of journalism standards, Ukrinform has the smallest share

31.08.2017, 19:20
Based on the results of the third quarter of 2017, the top position of the the rating of Ukrainian national web-media was taken by the media outlet «Ukrinform», where 92% of materials are written without violating any standards of journalism. The second place was shared by «» and «Ukrainska pravda» (88% each), and on the third place we have (84%). Of printed media, the leader was the newspaper «Fakty i kommentarii», where 67% materials were written in line with all standards of journalism. These are the results of IMI research on adherence to the key professional standards of journalism in 10 online media outlets («Ukrainska pravda», «», UNIAN, «Ukrinform», «»,,, «», «Obozrevatel» and «») and 5 printed media outlets («Vesti», «Segodnia», «KP in Ukraine», «Fakty i kommentarii» and «Gazeta po-ukrainski»), which is conducted with support of Internews Network.   As to online media outlets, the lowest results of adherence to standards of journalism were at the websites «Obozrevatel» and «», where only 64% of materials were written without violations of professional standards of journalism. Of the printed mass media, the lowest results are those of newspaper «Vesti», where 42% did not include any violations. Based on the results of the monitoring, the standard that is most often violated both in online media and in printed media is the standard of accuracy (in 14% of news in online media outlets and in 28% of news in printed ones). The highest standards of upholding the standard of accuracy were shown by «Ukrainska pravda» (online media outlets), and newspaper «KP v Ukraine» (printed media outlets). The lowest indicators of adherence to this standard was received by website «Korespondent», which had 28% of materials contained some kind of violation of accuracy of the provided information, and newspaper «Vesti», where 32% materials contain violation of the standard of accuracy. Standard of balance on average was violated in 8% of materials in online media outlets, and in 28% of materials in newspapers. the largest share of unbalanced materials were registered at websites «Censor» and «Obozrevatel» and in «Gazeta po-ukrainski», where 17% of materials turned out to be unbalanced. This standard was violated the most at the web-sites: «Ukrinform» and «Liga», and in newspapers «KP v Ukraine» and «Segodnia». The standard of separation facts from comments in average was violated in 8% of online materials, and in 14% of materials in printed press. The entities that violated this standard the most were «» (24% of materials with this violation), and the share of violations of the standard was the smallest in «Liga» and (in all news that were monitored, this standard was complied with). Among the printed mass media, this standard was violated the most in «Gazeta po-ukrainski» (35% of monitored news turned out to be with this violation), and this standard was adhered to best in «Fakty».
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