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IMI launches series of webinars "New electoral code: answers for journalists"

07.09.2020, 15:38

"The Institute of Mass Information" NGO will hold a series of webinars for journalists and other media professionals on local elections "New Electoral Code: Answers for Journalists" 

Editors-in-chief, journalists, cameramen and other employees of television, radio, online media, printed press, news agencies as well as freelance journalists are invited to take part in.

Those who wish to take attend the webinar need to fill up an online questionnaire 

The registered participants will get a link to Zoom conference. 

The duration of each webinar is one hour and a half, the "question-answer" format is provided.

Webinar topics:

09/17/2020 How to distinguish a candidate. Subjects of the electoral process in local elections: who are the candidates and parties subject to the Electoral Code, what politicians about the law allows to disseminate information on a general basis. 

09/24/2020 Propaganda: how to do everything correctly. Forms and means of election campaigning, possible formats in various mass media (television and radio broadcasting, print ed press, Internet resources), restrictions on election campaigning provided by law. From where does the propaganda begin and where does it end. Responsibility of mass media and journalists in case of violation.

10/01/2020 Mass media in election procedure. Reporting on the election procedure and what is the difference with propaganda: the legal status of the relevant information, definitions, ways to distinguish between informing about the course of the election procedure from propaganda. Legislative requirements for informing about the election process. Responsibility of mass media and journalists in case of violation.

10/08/2020 What is authorized and what is forbidden to journalists during the election. Rights of mass media and journalists during the election procedure, features for each type of mass media (television, radio, print media, news agencies). Features of the status of social networks, in particular the official pages of mass media in social networks. The status of the journalist and documents confirming his status. Journalist rights and restrictions related to the election procedure. Protection of the rights of journalists, in particular in case of obstruction of lawful professional activity.

10/15/2020 Election day. Activities of mass media and journalists on election day. Features of reporting about the voting procedure. Coverage of exit poll data. Journalist counting votes. Responsibility of mass media and journalists in case of violation.

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