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IMI invites media people to join 2nd psychotherapeutic support group

26.08.2021, 15:57

The Institute of Mass Information is to launch the second online support group for media professionals, headed by an expert. The group set a goal which is to reduce the negative effects of cyberbullying and to provide media people with a psychotherapeutic support. 

Within the period of three months this autumn, the group members will systematically get advice and practical tips how to develop own fortitude to stand against cyberbullying. This will help group members become more professional and happier in their work.

The main focus of group work is to study the pain points and life experiences the journalists had  targeted by cyberbullying. 

The format of the group is to learn the journalists how to get a sense of the impact of what is happening to the cyberbullying victim, will help to freely express one’s feelings, experiences and thoughts caused by online bullying. 

📌 Topics the group will work on:

  • The main range of challenges for journalists, which are related to cyberbullying and how to respond to them;
  • Stress and stress reactions and self-help in a state of stress;
  • Secondary trauma, fatigue from empathy; 
  • Ways of emotional regulation. Mindfulness; 
  • Internal useless mechanisms and behavior strategies; 
  • Development of healthy useful intrinsic patterns and behavioral strategies;
  • Self-empathy as a way of recovery;
  • Self-criticism, its impact on various aspects of life, self-esteem and development of resilience; 
  • Professional burnout as a consequence of cyberbullying. Ways of prevention and self-care.

The meeting will take place online twice a month and will last for two hours.

📌Leader : Olena Kupriyan, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist of the Center for Psychological Counseling "Space of Hope" Ukrainian Catholic University. 

  • The first meeting will take place on September 14 at 17:00.

Enlistment to the group is open until September 12 inclusive. You need to pre-register 📌 HERE to take part in the group work.  Afterwards, the group will switch to a closed format for the safety of participants.

The group will be supported by the International Renaissance Foundation within the project "Mobilization of efforts to address challenges in the media sphere of Ukraine." The material reflects the position of the authors and does not necessarily coincide with the position of the International Renaissance Foundation.

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