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IMI invites journalists, who work in ATO zone, to security training

16.06.2016, 13:52

On July 1-4, 2016, in Kyiv, the Institute of Mass Information (IMI) will conduct a 4-day security training for journalists, who cover the events in the ATO zone. The training includes the course on digital security, on general medical aid, and on first aid in combat conditions. On the last day, the journalists will practice the knowledge and skills learned in the previous days in the field training grounds, in the conditions very close to the reality they are training for.

Journalists from all around Ukraine are invited.

The training will be dedicated to the peculiarities of work in dangerous zones, how to behave at the time of bombardments and shelling. The agenda includes methods to secure oneself against mines, traps, tripwires. Algorithms of actions in case of evacuation are practiced.

One day will be dedicated to the issues of providing first aid in combat conditions and medical equipment necessary for work in the ATO zone.

In the training grounds, the participants will be able to receive hands-on practice of all knowledge and skills taught to them. Imitation of scenarios with attacks, detentions, evacuations, and injuries will be produced.

In the course of digital security, the participants will learn: to protect their e-mail and social networks accounts; to safely use open wi-fi networks in cafes, hotels etc.; to reliably encode data at their notebook or flash drive to make them undetectable in case of searches, check point inspections, etc.; to safely transfer materials from the ATO zone to their editorial offices; to use services for encrypted correspondence and negotiations, etc.

The training will be very practical, participants will be able to install and test useful programs and tools on their notebooks, smartphones and tablets.

To participate in the training, you need to fill in the questionnaire by June 22, 2016.

The participants will need to have their own medikit (if they have it) and clothes they use during their detached service in the ATO zone, as well as the notebooks, smartphones, and tablets they use for travels to ATO zone.

The number of participants is limited.

The organizers will provide lodging and meals for the participants, and will compensate them for confirmed travel expenses.

The training is conducted under the project implemented by IMI with support of the project “U-Media”, implemented by “Internews Ukraine”.

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