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IMI identified the Russian teachers who are "reeducating" Ukrainian children in the TOT – study

01.06.2023, 16:57
Edit by IMI, photos by Kateryna Klochok
Edit by IMI, photos by Kateryna Klochok

Having collected the media evidence, IMI compiled our own list of Russian educators who verifiably have worked or are currently working in educational institutions in the occupied territories.

This is explored in IMI's study “Cultural Genocide: Who is Introducing Russian Education into Ukraine’s Occupied Territories”.

There are 15 such educators:

  • Iskagadzhi Aliev
  • Robinson Budunov
  • Zalumkhan Valiev
  • Abdurakhman Gergiev
  • Omar Ismailov
  • Bakanai Magomedova
  • Magomed Magomedov
  • Abubakar Mirzabalaev
  • German Muslimov
  • Zaira Pakhrudinova
  • Khadidzhat Radzhabova
  • Zagirbeg Selimov
  • Evgenia Eryomina
  • Georgiy Grigoriev
  • Oksana Bukholtseva

Furthermore, a coach from Kaliningrad, Vyacheslav Morozov, and an instructor from the Russian Martial Arts Union, Igor Kibchenko, who is also the community council chair of the United Russia project “Children’s Sports” in occupied Crimea, have given martial arts classes in the occupied territories. Yet, properly prosecuting them is nearly impossible due to lacunae in Ukraine’s law.

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