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IMI goes on accepting stories and images for "Catch the fake!" contest

07.09.2020, 15:41

Institute of mass information announces contest “Catch the fake!”. The goal of the contest – detection of fakes (untrue information about facts), untrue statements of politicians, and improvement of media literacy of population.

The contest is in three nominations:

І. Detection of fakes in mass media

Contestants may file fakes in form of a hyperlink and screenshot for online media outlets, links to video (at Youtube or a web-site of a TV channel) for television. In case of sending a video, time stamp for untrue information must be clearly stated (from what time to what time of the video). Together with the fake, refutation for it must also be sent. Such refutation must have a hyper-link to the relevant sources, comments of expert specialists, data from open sources, etc.

ІІ. Detection of fake images in mass media

The items eligible for contest are fakes in form of hyperlink and screenshot for online media outlets and links to video (with a clear timestamp for the fake) for television. Together with the fake, one must send its refutation, which must be based on evidence (original of the photo, video, other data that will prove that the image is a fake).

ІІІ. Detection of fakes in social networks

The items eligible are screenshot and hyperlink to untrue post in social networks in the networks Fаcebook, Twitter or Instagram, which had over 100 likes (reposts), included untrue information, and was not refuted at the time of filing it for the contest. Together with such post, clear and detailed refutation of the fake must be provided. Such refutation must be proven by facts, hyperlinks to the relevant sources, comments of specialist experts, data from open sources, etc.

Participants eligible for the contest are people older than 10 years of ageEXCEPT PEOPLE who professionally practice journalist activitiesand not more than three materials from one person in each nomination.

The materials eligible for the contest are materials in national Ukrainian and local mass media and the materials from social networks, published in the period starting on July 1 and ending on September 5 of 2020, inclusively. Mass media means Ukrainian mass media (with exception of radio and printed media outlets).

Each nomination will have three winners, with the following reward fund:

  • 1st place – UAH 5000
  • 2nd place – UAH 4000
  • 3rd place – UAH 3000

To file the materials for the contest, please fill in ELECTRONIC FORM by September 6, 2020, 23:59, inclusively. 

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