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IMI experts’ recommendations concerning the new virus

27.06.2017, 20:47

Institute of Mass Information’s digital security expert Iryna Chulivska gave several recommendations in relation to the mass hacker attack against the servers of governmental structures, mass media and services in Ukraine:

1) consider if you will be sad if you suddenly lose all files that you currently have on your computer;

2) if no – you can keep reading Facebook :) If yes — you need to make backup if you still haven't.

HOW TO MAKE BACKUP: "Ctrl C" + "Ctrl V" the files that you do not want to lose, to some place that is not this computer. Either to a memory stick (copy, remove from computer, and put to a safe place), or to the cloud (Google disk, Dropbox, Onedrive, Mega), and even better – use both options.

Later, from time to time, you will need to update backup. For example, do it weekly, or more often, or less often, depending on how often your important files are updated.

Some more general advice:

1) your Windows or other operation system should always be up-to-date, you can turn on updates in "Control panel", "System and security", "Windows updates center". When new updates are available, you need to reboot the comp if it requests this;

2) check if you have anti-virus, if you have it – check if is updated (they always have dates of last updates, you need to have the today's date there). If it is not — install some well-known antivirus free version from their of official website;

3) and the obvious but ever neglected — do not click suspicious links in your mail or in social networks, do not launch on your computer suspicious files that you received from any source. What files to consider suspicious? Any that you did not order request specifically and did not expect.

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