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IMI announces contest "Catch the fake!"

10.09.2018, 18:02
Institute of Mass Information, within the framework of the project “Development of responsible mass media” with support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech republic announces contest “Catch the fake!” The goal of the contest is popularization of a quality journalism, detection of fakes, untrue declarations of politicians and improvement of media literacy of the population. The contest is conducted in three nominations:І. Detection of fakes in mass media To participate, you need to send a scan or a photograph of a publication for printed mass media or a hyperlink or screenshot for online media outlets. Also, an explanation why you think this is a fake, and what is the evidence that this information is not true. Refutation can be confirmed with hyperlinks to the relevant sources, comments of experts in the area, data from open sources, etc. ІІ. Finding fake images in mass media For participation, one needs to send a scan or photo of a publication for printed mass media, or screenshot for online media outlets. Also, a text should be added with refutation and a hyperlink to the original that proves that the image is a fake. ІІІ. Finding untrue statements of politicians in the media To participate, you need to send a scan or a photo of a publication for printed mass media, or a hyperlink or a screenshot for online media outlets, of a quote of a politician in mass media that contained untrue information, and this was not reported in the publication itself. In addition, you will need to add a refutation and a reference to the sources that will prove your opinion that the specified statement includes an untrue information. For the competition, we accept publications in online and printed national Ukrainian and local mass media, that were published in the period from March 1 to September 1, 2018. In each nomination, there will be 3 winners with the following honoraries:
  • 1st place — 5000 hryvnias
  • 2nd place — 4000 hryvnias
  • 3rd place — 3000 hryvnias
Materials for the contest need to be sent to [email protected] by September 30, 2018, 23:59, inclusive. With the topic of the letter “Materials for the contest “Catch the fake!”. The letter must include:
  1. Surname and name of the sender.
  2. Place of residence.
  3. Contact e-mail and phone number.
  4. Nomination under which the sent material is to be the contender.
  5. Photo/scan, and also the text with the refutation needs to have the following format of file name: it must include number and the name of the sender, for example 1_Ivanov.
? IMI experts prepared advice, HOW TO DETECT AND CATCH A FAKE?   
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