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Hromadske TV claims that accusations of ATO HQ press center do not correspond to what actually happened

12.07.2016, 02:00

The editorial office of Hromadske TV considers the declaration of the ATO press service a misunderstanding, and invites the military to deal with the situation together, as well as to "put aside their groundless accusations". This information was released in Hromadske’s statement published on their Facebook page. Hromadske claims that their work was in line with all journalist standards and that the accusations of the military claiming that they compromised their positions and identities are simply not true. Also, Hromadske claims that all published footage and reports were checked by the military before broadcasting/publication. As to the Russian journalist Yulia Polukhina’s report, published in "Novaya Gazeta" on July 7, a day before Hromadske broadcast their report, Hromadske was not in position to influence it in any way. 

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