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"Hromadske TV" accuses Skrypin in embezzlement of 150 thousand Euro and $36 thousand

19.01.2016, 22:19

Co-founders of “Hromadske television”, a community-supported television project, told in Facebook details about their conflict with other co-founder of “Hromadske TV” Roman Skrypin, MediaSapiens informs.

Yulia Bankova wrote that the domain name that the TV uses emerged before the launch of “Hromadske TV”, it was registered by Roman Skrypin before he started gathering the team. According to her, later the team asked their colleague to transfer the domain name to the organization, but he vehemently refused.

БBohdan Kutiepov overtly accused Roman Skrypin of transferring the money of "Hromadske TV" to his own account abroad and embezzlement of funds from monetization of their videos at YouTube.

Dmytro Hnap specified the amount that colleagues demand from Skrypin to return: approximately 150 thousand Euro and $36 thousand from YouTube videos.

Skrypin now prepares his response to the colleagues, as the staff was unable to resolve the conflict internally and the matter became public.

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