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Hromadske radio raising money for a thermal imager for a military unit where their host's husband serves

06.07.2022, 13:25
Photo: Hromadske radio
Photo: Hromadske radio

Hromadske radio is raising money a thermal imager for the unit where the husband of their host Viktoria Yermolaeva serves.

In peacetime, the host's husband worked in gas extraction, and now he is the commander of one of the UAF units. His unit was carrying out missions on one of the state borders. After the additional training in Britain, the missions will be slightly different. That's why the guys need a thermal imager.

Purchasing a thermal imager costs $3100. This is about 93,000 hryvnias. Victoria's friends have already collected a small part of the required amount, but it is not enough.

Hromadske asks to support our defenders, every donate even as small as 10 hryvnias brings us closer to victory.

You can transfer the money here – 4441 1144 1422 8971 (for Hromadske radio host Victoria Yermolaeva).

From abroad, you can use Hromadske radio co-founder and presenter Andriy Kulikov's British card or his PayPal. You can ask him for details on Twitter.

Previously, Hromadske radio raised money for the frontline UAF unit where the husband of their SMM department's head Svitlana Shkurai serves.

Also, Hromadske Radio has raised money for a thermal imager for the unit where journalist, human rights advocate, member of NGO "Hromadske Radio" Maksym Butkevich serves, as well as money for a thermal imager for the unit where their sound engineer serves.

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