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Hromadske journalist Victoria Roshchina would be in Russian captivity

19.03.2022, 10:54

Journalist with Hromadske Victoria Roshchina is probably a prisoner of the Russian invaders. The publication calls on the Ukrainian and international community to join efforts on the information field and by actions to contribute to the journalist's release, as Hromadske reported.

According to the publication, Roshchina made videos and wrote stories from hotspots in eastern and southern Ukraine all days of the Russian-Ukrainian war. On March 11, the publication published a text in which she related how the temporarily occupied Energodar residents lives.

“These days, the journalist was preparing stories about military actions in Zaporizhzhya and Donetsk regions. She was going to travel all the way to Mariupol to talk about what was really going on in the city, which has been shelled by Russian troops every day for more than two weeks. On the evening of March 11, Victoria Roshchina was probably on her way from Zaporizhzhya to Mariupol and had poor communication, so we could hardly speak on the phone. All that was known was that she had already left Energodar at that time, ”the newspaper reported.

On March 12, the editorial office was unable to contact Victoria. Someeye-witnesses, whom the publication did not name for security reasons, said that she was in the temporarily occupied Berdyansk at the time. 

On March 16, Hromadske learned that the day before (probably on March 15) Victoria Roshchina was detained by the FSB. 

"Currently, nothing is known about her whereabouts. Since last two days, we made every effort to release the journalist in a private manner. But it turned out to be ineffective, "the publication notes. 

As reported by IMI, on March 8, Victoria Roshchina said that she came under Russian fire in Zaporozhye. Her car, in which she was, was robbed 

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