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Head of the Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Center discovers a camera system surveilling his apartment

15.04.2024, 10:18

Dmytro Bulakh. Photo by Dmytro Bulakh on Facebook

The board chair of the NGO Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Center (KhACC) and a National Guard soldier, Dmytro Bulakh, discovered a video surveillance system in his apartment.

The organization reported this on Telegam on April 14.

"Yesterday (April 13. – Ed.) Dmytro accidentally discovered a video surveillance system that was installed across from his Kharkiv apartment door. And a rather interesting visual surveillance and recording system it was; it is currently being studied by specialists," the post reads.

As the organization notes, the police investigation team removed the system and all its components.

They hope that the police will identify the persons who gave the order and set up the camera system to spy on the KhACC director.

On April 10, the State Bureau of Investigation and the Security Service of Ukraine searched the home of Dmytro Bulakh, the head of the Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Center, who is currently serving in the National Guard of Ukraine.

The SBI said they were investigating potential enlistment-related abuses. The probe has to do with possible abuse of authority by the command of a National Guard unit stationed in the Kharkiv oblast.

On April 12, Ukraine's civil society representatives commented on a dangerous trend of Ukrainian law enforcement bodies targeting anti-corruption activists and investigator journalists, namely through army recruitment centers and the mobilization campaign.

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