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Gunmen threatened “1+1” journalist after publication of story about "Bes"

02.11.2014, 14:26

A journalist of the program “Secret materials”, the 1+1 TV channel, Olga Radzyvil, received threats after her story and interview with the leader of terrorists in Horlivka, Ihor Bezler (aka “Bes”, literally meaning “Imp”). The terrorists were unhappy about how the coverage of their activities was performed, as when they allowed the journalist to come to their stronghold they hoped for a more favorable story. The story was about whom the terrorists take for prisoners and how they looted the field where the shot down “Boeing” fell. When preparing the materials, the journalist met the leader himself.

 After the story was aired, she received a call with a promise to find and kill her. The journalist does not think that the treats will cause any further actions, as “Bes” likes to intimidate people, as she put it, “moral suppression… he likes things like this”. 

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