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Group “1+1” qualified cut off of its broadcasting in two regions 10 days before election as manipulation

22.03.2019, 12:55
The media holding “1+1” informed of selective unplugging of its broadcasting on March 20th-21st its broadcasting in two regions of Ukraine, as to “1+1” group web-site. On March 20th -21st in several districts in Sumy and Poltava regions had been completely cut off from digital, radio and analogue broadcasting. In particular, in Sumy region they unplugged the retransmitters in town Bilopillya wich is adjacent to Russian border. These transmitters ensure broadcasting of ‘1+1” and “UA:Pershyy”. The media holding claimed that in Sumy broadcasting of pro-presidential TV channels went on. The similar incidents happened in Poltava region, in the village Krasnogorivka where the digital broadcasting of all TV channels was suspended due to disconnection of transmitters. “The media holding “1+1” considers that suspension of digital broadcasting in several regions and analogue broadcasting in the regions wich are adjacent to Russian border 10 days before the presidential election is inadmissible and manipulative measure that deprives a part of Ukrainians possibility to get information and alternative points of view and strengthen news influence onto Ukraine from the side of the aggressor state”, it is said in the “1+1” statement. “1+1” media holding considers all these incidents as well-targeted activity with purpose to restrict access of Ukrainians to informations during election campaign, which is resulting in strengthening of information influence of aggressor-state. The group "1+1" calls the diplomatic missions and the offices of international institutions in Ukraine to pay attention to it and not to allow manipulations and violations of the constitutional right of Ukrainian citizens to have free access to information to occur”, the statement said.
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