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Google to help publishers provide answers to unanswered queries - "India Express"

12.08.2019, 15:22

Google Question Hub is a new initiative that will collect unanswered queries on the search engine, sort them by topic and provide it to the publishers to answer, as "India Express" reported.

Google has been the largest search engine across the world since the past two decades and though the company has expanded its business to other areas of technology, it continues to be the go-to search engine for internet users. However, have you ever wondered what would happen if your favorite search engine fails to provide you the search result that you are looking for? The technology giant has launched Question Hub to address such a scenario. Google, in its blog, has said that it is launching the beta version of Question Hub today after several months of testing with journalists and bloggers. It further said Question Hub is now available in India, Indonesia, and Nigeria, in languages like English, Hindi, and Bahasa Indonesia. Google also plans to add more languages and countries in the future. In order to access Question Hub, publishers will be required to link their account to verified properties in the search console. Those publishers who do not have a search console account, Google says that there are other options available. Once a publisher has created an account, they can explore topics which are relevant to their field of work either by searching for specific keywords or by browsing the categories (example Beauty and Fitness). Once a topic is added, they will be able to view the unanswered questions which are asked by real people on the internet. "India Express"
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