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Georgian journalists being deported from Ukraine for EuroMaidan Europe Integration Protests

10.12.2013, 18:46

The journalists of the Georgian TV company "Tabula", who work in Kyiv, were ordered by the Ukrainian Security Service to leave Ukraine, Ukrayinska Pravda reports.

As this TV company’s journalist Dimitri Avaliani said in the broadcast of Hromadske.TV, around 11 p.m. on Tuesday three young men came to the hotel "Dnipro" and presented to the journalists IDs of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Migration Service. A decree as of December 10, signed by the vice-Head of the Security Service of Ukraine was read to the journalists. According to this decree, the Georgian journalists were to leave the country. Presumably, they were suspected in participation in the mass disturbances in Ukraine. Such actions were presumably a part of the investigation of the case on mass disturbances and regime change. The Georgian journalist was warned that unless he left the country, he would be deported. Also, the Security Service agents read to him articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Aina Badalova also informed in Facebook, referring to her colleague from the Georgian TV, that according to the decree Georgian reporters "must leave the country in the nearest time”, and mind the reason – "for participation in mass disturbances". As it is known, the pro-European Maidan rally was supported by the Georgian delegation with the flags of their country. In particular, last week members of the Georgian opposition party were there, and the Georgian ex-president Mykhailo Saakashvili made a speech.

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