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FSB gave Crimean mailing service list of "extremists" to be watched. Journalist Hanna Andriyevska is one of them

22.01.2016, 21:18

The Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB) sent to the Crimean mail offices the lists of people suspected of "extremism", whose mailing correspondence needs surveillance. A copy of such a list, dated December 24, 2015, was published by Krym.Realii

The list includes Crimea residents that were investigated by Russian police or sentenced by Russian court before. The list includes names, passport data, place of birth and place of residence of these people.

The lists of "extremists" FSB wants to keep watch over are political prisoners Oleh Sentsov, Hennadiy Afanasiev, Oleksander Kolchenko, Oleksiy Chyrniy, sentenced within the framework of  the “Sentsov case” to long terms of imprisonment in the Russian Federation. The list also includes journalist Hanna Andriyevska and expert of " Maidan of Foreign Affairs" Andriy Klymenko. 

The document also states that the names of people from the list "about whom there is information about them being related to terrorism" are marked with an asterisk. The workers of the mail offices were orally requested to inform their administrators about any letters or parcels sent to the prople in the list, as well as about anyone asking about them - and the administrators will have to, in turn, inform the FSB.  

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