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Fourth estate targeted with DDos attacks for 2nd time in a week

30.10.2020, 11:31
Photo crediit:
Photo crediit:

The website "Fourth Estate", investigative journalism agency, was targeted with a DDos attacked on October 28. This is the second attack in a week, the previous one took place on October 22, as the IMI representative in Rivne region reported.

In the evening of October 28, the resource failed to run. For a while, users trying to load could see a server error message.

Simultaneously, there were a multitude of automatic requests to this website from a single IP address.

“There have been two identical attacks in a row from Ukraine IP addresses on the Fourth Estate website, the content of which reports on abuse and corruption among local politicians and officials. This allows us to talk about the purposefulness of such attacks. " – the administrator of the website "Fourth Estate" Nataliya said.

Volodymyr Torbich, the editor-in-chief of the Fourth Estate, said he found that these attacks were aiming to interfere with its work. He supposed that they could have been organized by those who were eager to win the election race.

"I consider these attacks an attempt to prevent the site from working, so that people do not have access to the investigation of one of the mayoral candidates. The page with the investigation, according to Google Analytics, has been viewed more than 15 thousand times (more than 11 thousand users). To understand: the candidate cited in this investigation got, according to preliminary estimates, about 12 thousand votes, and his closest competitor did more than 10 thousand votes. That is, this struggle means that every hundred votes counts, ”Torbich said.

As IMI reported, on October 22, a DDoS attack was carried out on the website of the Investigative Journalism Agency "Fourth Estate" . Journalists related the attack to investigation of October 21 into mayoral candidate Viktor Shakirzyan, who is going to run for victory in the second round of elections.

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