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Former Lviv OSA chair sues after being mentioned in their investigation

23.10.2023, 17:45

The former Lviv Oblast State Administration chair who now runs the Lviv branch of the National Olympic Committee, Yuriy Turyansky, has filed a lawsuit against the online outlet, demanding that they take back some of the statements in the article "Catch Me If You Can", which was about about an 11 hectare communal plot of land on the outskirts of Lviv being appropriated with the help of forged documents.

This was reported on the outlet's website.

The June 8, 2023, article said that "the former head of the Lviv Oblast State Administration, Yuriy Turyansky, was able to seize a huge plot of land, which spans 11 hectares, on the western outskirts of Lviv, with by way of fraud and forging documents."

Turyansky believes that the reported information disgraces his honor and dignity and harms his business reputation, estimating the moral damage caused to him at UAH 178,000.

"The plaintiff assessed the damage based on the intensity (depth, degree) of the mental suffering he experienced due to the illegal actions, as well as on the damage done, the duration of negative feelings of indignation and legal uncertainty. The plaintiff estimates the cost of the moral suffering at UAH 178,000.00 (one hundred and seventy-eight thousand hryvnias)," says the statement of claim by Yuriy Turyansky, who insists that the fact of his appeal to the court is the proof that moral damage has been inflicted on him.

Another co-defendant in the statement of claim, besides the publisher (the publisher is the NGO "Lviv Group") and, is is PJSC "TRC Lux", which owns the website, which quoted the article "Catch Me If You Can". Despite the article about Turyansky having been reprinted or quoted by dozens of other media outlets (, Tvoye Misto,, Ukraina Moloda), the former LOSA chair had no grievances with them.

The legal defense of in this case is being carried out by lawyers of the non-governmental organization "Human Rights Platform".

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