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First mass media-infringers of election law pointed out by working group of National council

31.01.2019, 13:42
The working group at the National council on TV and radio broadcasting (formed on the 25th January) has revealed the first cases when the mass media came out with stories containing the breaches to the election law, as it is reported at the web-0site of the national council. Thus, the Retro-FM (TV and radio company NBM-Radio) in Kyiv from 7 to 21 January broadcasted some audio of political advertisement of candidates for the Presidency Oleg Lyashko and Oleksander Vilkul. The audios were demarked as political ads, but as of 21st January those persons have not been registered as candidates for the Presidency by the Central election commission, thus this broadcasting was contrary to the law. Another incident concerned the TV channel 1+1 (TV and radio company 1+1) which broadcasted the results of sociological poll, but there was no information on the polls ordering party, the territory the polls covered, the sampling method, nor exact questions that have been proposed to the respondents, according to election law. For instance, there are no data on breaches to the election law in the regions. IMI informed earlier, on the 10th of January, the National council on TV and radio broadcasting formed the working group which is supposed to inform the Central election commission and the law enforcement bodies of breaches revealed during the pre-election campaign 2019.
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