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Filming crew of Channel 5 caught under shelling in Donetsk region

04.03.2015, 21:19

On March 3, the filming crew of Channel 5 - journalist Tetiana Ihnatchenko and cameraman Yevhen Honcharenko - was caught in mortar shelling of hostile militants in the village of Shyrokyno, Donetska oblast, the TV channel website informs.

According to the channel, the journalists were with the soldiers of "Azov" regiment when they were shelled.

“The fighting there has not ceased for three weeks already. "Azov", who together with soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces hold their positions in Shyrokyno, alsready got used to shellings. They say that the enemy, in spite of the "cease-fire" regime, continues to aim at the village, and even tries to storm it. The separatists make use of cease fire,” the channel reports.

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