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Female journalist detained at rally in Moscow received draft notice with her name masculinized

09.08.2019, 16:53
Photo credits: Tatyana Makyeva/Reuters/Scanpix/LETA/Meduza
The journalist for Reuters Mariya Tsvetkova, who was detained in Moscow on July 27 at a rally, was summoned to a military commissariat with her name in masculine form (Tsvetkov – translator’s note), as Medusa reported. According to the journalist, the draft notice came in the name of Mariy Tsvetkov. She added that the these notices have been widely distributed to all detainees at the rally who are not on the military register. “The draft notice was sent officially. I don't really want to say what official handed it to me and where it works because this official said more than needed to say. A person told me that all state agencies had the order to verify detainees through all databases - bailiffs, tax, military records - so that if someone had debts - to remind them of those debts, if someone was running from the army - to remind him too, “ Tsvetkova said. "According to the official, the notice said "Mario", but me, I saw the letter "y "and" yu "there. They told me in the military commissariat I could not come. The paper was signed by the military commissioner of the Kuntsev district, ” the journalist added. In the military commissariat she was told that the notices were sent to all detainees who were or were not on the military register. "I regard this as an absurd, but it seems important to me that those who issue such notices also got there is a part of idiocy in what is happening," the journalist said.
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