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Facebook page of the Ukrainian Embassy in Romania hacked

03.03.2023, 17:50

Unknown persons hacked the Facebook page of the Ukrainian Embassy in Romania. The hackers changed the main photo of the page and the cover.

The profile picture was changed to an image of Puerto Rican singer and musician Elmer Figueroa Arce, best known by his stage name Chayanne.

The header was replaced by a photo of wooden mannequins with their hands raised in a Nazi greeting gesture.

The hackers disabled text messages, and the page category was changed to "Humorist". The listed contact number and email remain valid.

IMI asked the Ukrainian Embassy in Romania to comment on the hacker attack, but were first advised to call later, and then to email them regarding the incident. At the same time, IMI managed to contact the Romanian Embassy in Ukraine. They said that they would pass the information about the page being hacked on to their colleagues at the Ukrainian embassy.

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