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European think tanks found 260 Russian fake news about MH17

20.07.2020, 17:27
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European think tanks found 260 Russian fake news about Malaysian Airlines MH17 flight, shot down and killing 298 people on board, as to EUvsDiSINO.

’”Six years later, the incessant pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign aiming to obfuscate the Kremlin’s responsibility for this tragedy continues. Yet as more and more evidence of Russia’s direct involvement comes to light, pro-Kremlin disinformation seems to be grasping at straws”, the EUvs DisiINFO reported.

The most recent example came earlier this month, when the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs praised a book, published by an obscure Malaysian author, claiming that the “Jewish Antichrist Illuminati” were responsible both for the MH17 and MH370 tragedies. But before the “Illuminati” conspiracy, there were bogus leaks, choreographed interviews, attempts to link the MH17 to coronavirus and much more – all in a relentless effort to undermine the Joint International Investigation (JIT) and the court proceedings.”

“The sensational findings were almost immediately debunked by independent Russian journalists at the Insider and Meduza, who simply called the pro-Kremlin revelations “bupkis”.

But the pro-Kremlin media kept trying to occupy the information space: the coronavirus may be used to commit frauds against Russia in the MH17 trial, the investigators were planning to violate Russia’s sovereignty, the outcome of the trial is predetermined, the entire evidence is drawn from the media

Looking at over 260 examples pro-Kremlin disinformation about the MH17 collected in the EUvsDisinfo database, no lie seems to be too trivial in the Kremlin’s long game of denial and obfuscation”.


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