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Employee of City Water Channel spat at camera lens

07.03.2013, 00:42
 On March 4, 2013, in Symferopol, an employee of the City water Channel emergency service spat at a lens of camera of "Argumenty Nedeli - Crimea" Internet-edition.

Journalists were filming a story about a breakthrough of a pipe in the street near the local market. According to the Internet-edition, the breakthrough was quite strong, the water gushing like a fountain. Employees of the market several times called the Water Channel emergency services, but it came only an hour and a half. "The employees behaved aggressively and rudely, without explaining the causes of the accident and not reporting on the time necessary to eliminate the problem. In response to the question of "AN-Crimea", one of the employees, who led the emergency operation, spat into the camera lens, and then went away, "- AN-Crimea reads.

The onlin-edition addressed the City Water Channel with complaints about the actions of their employee.

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