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Editor of "" complained about obstruction

29.05.2017, 20:23

The editor of the online media outlet “” Natalia Ochkan complained about obstruction to her professional activities by the developers near a historical building in downtown Poltava. She reported about this to the IMI representative in Poltavska oblast.

The incident in question took place on May 24 in the center of the city near the Ivan Kotliarevskyi cinema, where a new building is being erected, with the community protesting against this construction. The journalist saw protesters gathering near the construction site, so she approached to ask what was going on.

“I saw that in the center of the city there was a conflict between some community representatives and a man wearing a blue T-shirt who never introduced himself. The people asked the man to explain something, calling him Serhiy, as far as I could hear”, commented Natalia Ochkan. “As a journalist, of course, I could not as a journalist, just pass by, and stopped to figure out what was going on”.

According to the journalist, the man wearing blue T-shirt was condescendingly telling the people that he has all documents for the construction, yet refused to show them. When the journalist tried to get a comment from this man, he answered in a rude manner, saying that the journalist ID is probably forged. Natalia was offended by such demeanor, and considers such behavior obstruction to her journalist  activities, she filed a complaint about it to the police.

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