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Editor of "Radio Era" resigned due to ban on publication of language-related problem

17.12.2015, 15:15

Editor of website "Radio Era" ( Olkesander Ivakhniuk resigned due to language issue he wanted to cover but could not. He reported this on his web-page in Facebook , UAinfo reports.

According to Ivakhniuk, in the school No.78 of Kyiv the prevalent attitude of staff is that Ukrainian language is something not necessary, not needed, although they have to learn it. Ivakhniuk revealed this problem when he received a letter from a parent of a young Ukrainian-speaking pupil, who complains that his son feels like a foreigner in the school, because others prefer to speak Russian. As the editor was preparing this material for publication, the owners of the website "did not grant official approval", in fact, forbid the publication of this material. Ivakhniuk resigned, as he did not wish to tolerate this attitude, and promised to cover and investigate the issue as an independent journalist.

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