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Editor-in-chief of “Zinkivshchyna “po- inshomu” was hospitalized after assault

29.05.2017, 20:28

In the town of Zinkiv, Poltavska oblast, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Zinkivshchyna “Po-inshomu” Oleksiy Leontiy. This was reported at the website of the newspaper “Zinkiv NEWS”.

The incident took place on May 25 about 8 p.m., when Oleksiy Leontiy came back home from work. As soon as he entered the yard of his house, a young man asked him to come back to the street.

“When I came to the street, I was suddenly hit many times. He used a piece of pipe, landing about a dozen of hits”, the journalist said. As the media outlet elaborates, it turned out that the attacker was the son of a member of the Public Council under Zinkiv rayon state administration, Maksym Batrak, former police officer.

Recently, Oleksiy Leontiy published an article in the newspaper, where he “showed proof that Tetiana Batrak was made a member of the Public Council under Zinkiv rayon state administration illegally”.

Since then, the media outlet claims, the editor-in-chief was several threatened with physical violence, and windows in his office were smashed several times to intimidate him.

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