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Editor-in-chief of Zaporizhzhya site threatened with jail

04.04.2022, 22:02

The editor-in-chief of the Zaporizhzhya website Eric Brynza receives threats from Russian numbers in his telegram messenger. He reported about it to the representative of IMI in the Zaporizhzya region.

Eric Brynza said the first message he got from an unknown number with the code of the Russian Federation on March 30. In particular, it read: “In fact, every piece published on your resource has a crime under several articles of the Criminal Code. When Russian troops occupy your city and liberate it from the Bandera supporters, you will be held accountable for the crimes of the trash hole you work for. Get ready, it will happen soon. "

The next day, March 31, the editor-in-chief received a new message from another issue of the Russian Federation, saying that "Russian soldiers" would soon be in the city, releasing him from the "Banderites" again. To do this, the author writes, "the Russian army is regrouping its troops in Kiev and Chernihiv regions and then will go on the offensive." "You will have to answer for the replication of anti-Russian fakes and for discrediting the Russian Federation. You will be responsible for all this under Russian law. Your curators from the SBU and Zelensky's gang will not help you. You will be in jail, you! ” - threatened the editor.

On April 3, Eric Brynza received a new message under the same scheme. "Every time you publish anti-Russian fakes in the pages of your" media "in favor of the neo-Nazi propaganda of the puppet regime of Zelensky, remember that soon the Russian army will establish control over all liberated cities of Ukraine and you will have to answer for their criminal actions." - it is said in the message.

Photos provided by Eric Brynza IMI

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