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During fight in Ilovaysk, photographer Oleksander Hliadelov and blogger Dmytro Riznychenko sustained wounds

23.08.2014, 00:10

On August 21, during the combat operation in the town of Ilovaysk (Donetska oblast), the freelance photographer Oleksander Hliadelov and the civil activist and blogger, fighter of the volunteer battalion «Donbas» Dmytro Riznychenko got wounded. This was reported by  

Dmytro Riznychenko sustained a gunshot wound to his arm, and Oleksander Hladielov got wounded in the leg. Together with seven other wounded persons, they were evacuated to local hospital.

Dmytro Riznychenko shared on his Facebook page that he was getting a time off and felt relieved that the wound was not serious and felt shame for feeling relieved as his comrades stayed to keep fighting. 

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