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Dnipropetrovsk TV-journalists not allowed at open meeting of attorneys

22.01.2013, 07:50
 On January 22, 2013, chairman of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Qualification and Disciplinary Commission Mykola Verba did not allow a camera-group of a Dnepropetrovsk TV-channel to attend an open meeting of local attorneys. "Dnipropetrovsk. Comments" edition journalist, who witnessed the incident, reported about this.

On January 22, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast attorneys carried out meetings to nominate delegates to the founding conference.

"Mykola Verba just refused to let journalists into the hall, explaining that they did not agree their presence in advance," - lawyer Sergei Zhukov commented on the incident.

"The meeting of attorneys is a public event, which does not require any additional accreditation or, especially, a permission from Mykola Verba. Thus, it was a direct violation of Article 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - obstruction of professional journalist activities, which is punishable by a fine, arrest or imprisonment for up to 3 years "-  Zhukov added.

As IMI reported earlier, on October 23, the Dnepropetrovsk District Administrative Court declared unlawful the inaugural conference of Dnipropetrovsk regional lawyers, which was carried out under the chairmanship of Mykola Verba,  and the decisions taken by the conference were declared invalid.

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