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Dnipropetrovsk region and Kyiv are leaders in violation of journalists' rights in November

07.12.2016, 18:15

In November, in Ukraine, the main violation of journalists' rights were cases of obstruction - 11 (in October - 7, September - 8, August - 10, July - 16, June - 7, May - 11, April - 10, March - 6, February - 6, January - 5). This data given by the Institute of Mass Media in monthly monitoring of media "Press Freedom Barometer".

In total violation of freedom of expression and journalists' rights IMI recorded in 11 regions of Ukraine. In particular, such violations leader this month began Dnipropetrovsk region, which recorded a total of five cases and four cases of Kyiv.

Often raised in November, the right of journalists to the profession, and unknown ordinary citizens, police and local authorities.

Number of obstacles to November rose a half times compared with October. This category of the year is the leader of violations of journalists' rights. Journalists overshadow the camera, or tried to disrupt it, were not allowed to the meeting in the city council forbade shooting or selectively allow for open government measures. Most often prevented this month in Dnipropetrovsk and Vinnytsya region.

Yes, journalists in Dnipropetrovsk local officials and guards "Municipal Guard" were not allowed to the meeting of the City Council. In particular, the Dnieper November 10 representatives of utility "Municipal Guard" blocked the entrance to the City Council, which was meeting of the executive committee of the Dnieper City Council. But in Krivoy Rog November 9 officials asked journalists to leave the working group meeting of the City Council, which addressed the issue in setting tariffs for passenger bus bus.

In Vinnitsa region Teplitskaya district council on November 25 banned lead journalist Vinnytsia Agency of Journalistic Investigations Victor Rysyu filming session. On the proposal to ban the journalist filming made one of the regional council of deputies, who did not like being shot.

In Kiev, November 16, police spetspryznachentsi in Balaklava and unmarked trying to disrupt the normal camera photographer edition of Maxim Tryebuhovu and hit in the torso when the photographer recorded clashes between activists and police near the National Palace of Arts "Ukraine".

As the IMI fotokor, the police did not respond to the request of journalists and MPs' introduce myself, who are these people wearing masks and unmarked."

Also in November IMI recorded a growing number of threats to the media - 4 (October - 1 September - 5 August - 3 July - 6 June - 2 May - 5 April - 5 March - 3 February - 5 January - 3). All cases occurred in different cities of Ukraine - Kyiv, Poltava, Mykolaiv and Vinnytsia. Journalists were threatened with physical contact or via telephone. Threatened mostly unknown and the Nikolaev City Council deputy.

In addition, in November IMI recorded 3 cases of restriction of access to information (October - 2 September - 4 August - 5 July - 4 June - 2 May - 1 April - 3 February - 1 January - 2) . Access to information denied to journalists, local authorities and the Security Service of Ukraine. In particular, Kryvyi Rih Municipality introduced accreditation for journalists, and the Lviv city council ignored requests to local media on Hrybovytskoho landfill.

There were 2 cases of lawsuits against journalists, all of them relating to upholding the right of access to public information.

In addition, IMI recorded 1 case of cyber-attacks, the legal pressure, the attack on the office of the media.
In Russia occupied Crimea recorded 2 cases of violations. In the territories occupied by "DNR" and "FSC" IMI recorded 2 cases of violations.

Thus, from the beginning, IMI recorded one case of murder, 97 cases of obstruction, 28 cases of beatings and attacks on journalists and 7 cases of censorship.

Details of the barometer is available here.

"Freedom of Speech Barometer" is an analytical monthly monitoring of press freedom in Ukraine, conducted by NGO "Institute of Mass Information" in support of "In-Media", implemented by "Internews Network" by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and by support non-profit organization "National contribution for democracy" (NED).

Photo - Yana Mashkova, DW

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