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Deputy from Mykolaiv said journalists have no right to talk about corruption in Ukraine

25.12.2014, 14:59

A deputy of Mykolaiv oblast council, elected from the Party of Regions (but currently having switched to the pro-Presidential bloc after Yanukovich escaped), Mykola Yeropunov, said that journalists have no right to talk about corruption at all before they have the relevant court judgement about it. He said this to journalists of «Mykolaiv Center for journalist investigations» on December 23, during the meeting of the standing deputy commission for administration of communal property under Mykolaiv city council, regional IMI correspondent reports.
According to Yeropunov, journalists exposing corruption schemes only brings unrest among people, and this causes destabilization and social turmoil. He even said that «journalists have no right to talk about corruption at all», until it is proven in the court.
“You have no right to expose corruption. Have you read what the Venetian Commission said? Until you have a court judgement, you do not have the right to do it at all ”, he added.
When a journalist reminded him about the commission's meeting, Yeropunov rudely told her off asking “not to tell me what to do”.

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