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Defense Ministry gives recommendations on covering the hostilities

31.08.2022, 13:39
Photo: Slovo i Dilo
Photo: Slovo i Dilo

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine provided recommendations on covering hostilities. This was annpunced on the Ministry's Facebook page.

The department calls on those who work in information-related fields, have a large audience, and enjoy its trust:

  • to refrain from conjectures and evaluation of the actions of the UAF and the Ukrainian Defense Forces in general;
  • only the military leadership is authorized to provide information about the course of hostilities, as it has comprehensive information about the situation on the front line;
  • not to try to give double interpretations of the strategic and operational situation, juggle military terminology, or produce your own, unsubstantiated forecasts;
  • not to cite the statements of individual persons, namely officials, out of context, and not to assign different connotations to these statements or interpret them at one's own discretion;
  • the main rule is that the reports on military action, its course, consequences, and results are provided by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Defense notes that fictitious victories do not bring Victory closer, but farther away.

"Our brave soldiers are skillfully performing their work and crushing the occupiers along the entire front line every day. So let's keep our faith in the Ukrainian army, not question the actions of the commanders and not serve as an additional tool in the hands of russian propaganda. The enemy is insidious and ruthless, they will try to use any advantage, including informational advantage, to inflict losses upon us," the department notes.

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