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Death of Russian photo correspondent Andrey Stenin in Donetska oblast confirmed by Kiseliov

04.09.2014, 23:23

The Russia Today photo correspondent Andrey Stenin perished near Donetsk in the beginning of August. This was reported on Wednesday by the Russia Today director Dmitriy Kiseliov with a reference to the expert report by the Investigation Committee. 

 He died in a car on his way out of Donetsk, when his car was shot and burned.

Kiseliov, known for his prominent role in the anti-Ukrainian propaganda, claimed that the civil war the Ukrainian authorities are waging claimed the lives of four Russian journalists: correspondent Igor Korneliuk, video engineer Anton Voloshyn, camera operatpr Anatoly Klian, and now – Andrey Stenin.

 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation claims that Stenin died as a result of the actions of the Ukrainian military, as the territory, where his car was found along with other burned cars, was under the Ukrainian military’s control. The Ministry demands that this case be investigated and those guilty punished and expects the international community to exert pressure on the Ukrainian government in this issue.


The speaker of the Informational and analytical center for the Council of National Security and Defense Andriy Lysenko made a statement that Stenin did not have the accreditation to work in the Anti-Terrorist Operation zone in Donbas region. He also reminded that the Ukrainian police started to look for Stenin as soon as he was reported missing after he stopped contacting his editorial office since August 5. 

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