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Court supports Tiahnybok’s lawsuit to refute information published in newspaper "Ekspres" in October of 2013

10.07.2014, 19:34

Frankivsky rayon court of the city of Lviv satisfied the claim of Oleh Tiahnybok against the LLC "Ekspres Multimedia Group" on protection of his dignity and business reputation. The court agreed that the information published in the article "Tiahnybok’s Money: Contract with Devil" in the issue of the newspaper "Ekspres" as of 24.10.2013 (No. 117) about Tiahnybok’s financial connection with the fraudulent medical doctor Novitsky was indeed untrue and did damage Tiahnybok’s dignity and business reputation. According to the court decision, LLC "Ekspres Multimedia Group", the founder of the newspaper "Ekspres", was to refute this article within one month since the decision was adopted.

In his comment for ‘Telekrytyka’, Ihor Pochynok, the editor-in-chief and publisher of the newspaper «Ekspres», who wrote this article, explained that the claim was misdirected, as the LLC "Ekspres Multimedia Group" is a founder of the newspaper and has nothing to do with its operation so it cannot act as a defendant in the case. He also added that the judge who was presiding over this case had been a protagonist in several materials in the newspaper «Ekspres», so he might bear some grudge against it. 

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