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Court returned to public prosecutor’s office indictment of blogger Kotsaba

21.01.2019, 17:51

On the 21st of January Dolynsky district court in Ivano-Frankisvk region returned the indictment issued within the criminal proceedings of a blogger Ruslan Kotsaba. He had been charged with high treason and impediment to lawful activity of armed forces of Ukraine, as to web-site of Judicial authorities of Ukraine. The panel of judges settled there were some important breaches made by the body of prejudicial inquiry. “In particular, the panel of judges noticed the charges have to be clearly formulated, comprehensible and precised, the mobile, the purpose, the method of doing and other elements specifying the criminal delict have to be mentioned ”. But the present indictment is based on suppositions rather than on the facts.

On the the 17th of January 2015, Ruslan Kotsaba had filmed a video appeal to the Head of state where he appealed Ukrainians not to obey to another wave of mobilization, because the martial law had not been announced. He added there was better to be imprisoned that to be mobilised to the east of Ukraine. On the 7th of February 2015, Kotsaba had been detained in his apartment by SBU after 6 hours searches. The prosecution demanded to imprison him for 13 years and to seize the property.

On the 12 of May 2016 Ivano-Frankisvk local court decided to deprivate Kotsaba of liberty for 3 years and 6 months for impediment to Armed Forces of Ukraine, but pleaded him not guilty for high treason.

On the 14th of July 2016 the Appeal court of Ivano-Frankivsk withdrew the charges of impediment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Kotsaba had been released from custody in courtroom.

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