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Court ordered police to reopen case of editor in chief of "Pershy Kryvorizky”

07.03.2019, 22:09
The judge of Dzerzhynsky district court in Kryvyy Rih upheld a motion from the pleader for the media portal “Pershyy Kryvorizkyy” Maksym Gorelikov demanding to resume the proceedings over the fact of obstruction to professional activity of journalist, editor in chief of “Pershyy Kryvorizkyy” Sofia Skyba. Such court ruling was signed on March 6th, as to ”Pershyy Kryvorizkyy”. As to “Pershyy Kryvorizkyy”, nor prosecutor, neither police officers attended the sitting in the court. The judge settled there were no grounds to close the case, she watched the video from three mass media outlets, in two of them one could see the journalist was prevented to work. Thus, the judge withdrew the resolution signed by the investigative officer of Kryvorizkyy district police department which stated the proceedings were to be dismissed. The decision of the court is not object of any appeal. IMI informed earlier, on February the police dismissed the criminal proceedings over the fact of obstruction to journalistic activity of the editor in chief of the online edition “Pershyy Kryvorizkyy” Sofia Skyba. On September 15th, 218 in Kryvyy Rih (Dnipropetrovska region) a businessman Oleksander Borysyuk, one of founders of "BudAlternativa” impeded from working Sofia Skyba, he grasped her by arms and demanded to stop film while she covered the rally of habitants of a residential area Kresovsky-2 who protested against the construction. September 20, 2018 the police of Kryvorizky district in Dnipropetrosvka region instituted a croiminal proceedings over the fact of obstruction to journalistic activity.
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