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Court in Yalta arrested Hayvoronsky for 12 days for drugs

27.03.2019, 12:52
On March 26th, the Russian Justice’s court in Yalta arrested the journalist Yevheniy Hayvoronsky for a period of 12 days, as to Crimea.Reality referring to Kryminfo news agency. He was charged with an “administrative delict stipulated by the paragraph 1st of the article 6.9 of Code of administrative infractions (consuming of drugs without medical prescription)”. The judge ruling committed Hayvoronsky to undergo diagnosis and treatment. Avoiding this commitment will inflict an administrative liability. IMI informed yesterday, Yevheniy Hayvoronsky has been detained, as it is was reported. Several Crimean activists diffused this information,as to “Crimea. Reality”. As the “Crimea. Reality” could get to know, Hayvoronsky was detained due to drug-related allegations. A friend of him told “He called me a couple of hours ago. He said it very brief: “I have one call. I am detained. They charge me with drugs”. Naturally, I asked” What drugs?” “He said ”Anabioyds.At 3.00 p.m. I have court hearing. That’is all. In local court in Yalta”, she said. Yesterday, IMI reported that Primechaniya ceased to work with Hayvoronsky due to his pro-Ukrainian rethoric. IMI informed that on March 6, his apartment was searched by law enforcement bodies. The editor in chief of Primechaniya Viktor Yavdukha told the journalist is suspected to commit a crime stipulated by anti-extremist law. The editor in chief of Primechaniya Viktor Yavdukha told Hayvoronsky would be going to take a flight to Moscow to speak to his source of information on activity of the former mayor of Yalta Andriy Rostenko. "Now his passport is not valid (damaged by law enforcement officers -n/t), so he cannot take his flight to Moscow”, Yadukha told.
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