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Court dismissed claim of Yuriy Boyko against National public television (NPTU)

20.03.2019, 18:07
On March 19th, the Shevschenkivsky district court in Kyiv dismissed the claim filed by Yuriy Boyklo, candidate for the presidency against the National public television and radio broadcasting company of Ukraine (NPTU). The judge considered the plaintiff failed to provide any grounds of wrongfulness of public broadcaster. Moreover, the NPTU did violate nor requirements of the the law on election, neither rights of Yuriy Boyko, acting as subject of electoral process. IMI informed earlier, the “Opposition platform –for life” demanded the NPTU to stop political censorship and to air the advertisement of the candidate for the presidency Yuriy Boyko. In oppositional party they said the advertisement had not been not aired due to the phrase: “the president grew ten times richer and Ukrainian retirees got poorer half as much”. The opposition party considered this was a censorship and had lodged the lawsuit to the Shevchenkivsky district court in Kyiv against the NPTU for its denial to air a video of its candidate.
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