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Court denied to take under night home arrest assaulter of journalist for “Strana”

07.08.2019, 19:50
Фото - скріншот з відео 5 каналу
The Shevchenkivskyi district court in Kyiv refused to take under night home arrest the volunteer Oleksiy Tsymbalyuk, who is charged with violence against the journalist of "Strana" Vladislav Bovtruk. The court issued this decision on August 6, as 5 Kanal reported. The office of public prosecutor requested such a measure of restraint for Tsymbalyuk. Until October 24, Tsymbalyuk will be obliged to appear upon the request of the investigator or the judge, to notify in case of residence change, not to communicate with witnesses. As to Tsymbalyuk, Vladyslav Bovtruk failed to name himself as a journalist, he was accompanying supporters of Shariy, who acted provocatively. "Most likely, I pushed him with my shoulder. What he says I stroke him with my fist is not true. He really fell, and then got some ass-kickings. I say what had happened. That is all. As Bovtryuk told himself makes clear not only he had any distinctive marks as a journalist on him, he did not even take press card with him. He did not possess any documents proving that he came there with an editorial task, ”Tsymbalyuk said. IMI reported, on July 25 due to the clash with the country's journalist Vladislav Bovtruk, the police laid charges of threat or violence against the journalist to Oleksiy Tsymbalyuk, combat veteran in Donbass, and who is known as a witness in the case of preparation of attempt against Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko. On July 3, police opened criminal proceedings, based on the complaint filed by the journalist of "Strany", Vladislav Bovtruk, saying he had been beaten, as he covered the protest action. According to “Strana", the proceeding was opened due to intentional beating of the journalist, light or moderate injuries related to the legitimate professional activity of the journalist. “Strana” claimed that its correspondent, Vladislav Bovtruk, was beaten on July 2 on Nezalezhnosti Square during the protest action against registration of blogger Anatoly Sharii and Presidential Administration of Viktor Yanukovych Andrei Klyuyev, as candidates for parliamentary election, where the journalist came to cover the rally. “Strana” named Oleksiy Tsymbalyuk as the assaulter of the journalist. The former head of the Odessa branch of the “Pravyy Sector” Serhiy Sternenko claimed that Vladislav Bovtruk himself provoked Oleksiy Tsymbalyuk. Asked by IMI, Vladislav Bovtruk said that he exerted his professional activities as journalist and that he had no symbols and party signs with him. “I did not have the journalist's distinctive marks: this is not required by any article or legal act. Before the attack, I walked around and was taking pictures on my mobile phone, recorded comments with different persons, presented myself as the journalist. I had no symbols, neither party logos. I have nothing to do with any political forces at all,” the journalist said. On July 10, the parliamentary Committee on freedom of speech and information policy decided to contact the National Police and the General prosecutor’s office and to request to investigate the incident invloving the attack on journalist of the online edition of "" Vladislav Bovtruk.
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