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Council of Europe warned editor in chief of European Pravda to revoke his accreditation, because of incident with Russia 1 journalist

28.01.2019, 17:11
Фото -
Serhiy Sydorenko, editor in chief of European Pravda, could be deprived of his accreditation at the Council of Europe, as to Detektor Media. He received a warning letter from the Council of Europe due to an incident in Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe when he pushed off a journalist for TV channel Russia 1, Olga Skabeeva. As IMI had informed on the 24th of January, the TV anchorwoman Olga Skabeeva was repeatedly interrupting the first vice- speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Herashchenko, at the press briefing with Ukrainian journalists. This attitude of Russian journalist provoked indignation among the Ukrainian journalists attending the meeting. Then Serhiy Sydorenko pushed Skabeeva off saying “Don’t interrupt, let us work!” The Council of Europe letter told his doings were deliberated and contrary to the Council of Europe rules and definitely inadmissible. Sydorenko admitted his gesture being a breach. “I acknowledged this was a breach. I guess I did incorrectly. But I don’t think I committed something what I have to apologize for before the person who consider herself as aggrieved party”. The Council of Europe informed the journalist a similar letter had been sent to Olga Skabeeva as well.
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